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Enjoy the Fragrance of Roses

My Beloved Child,

The color has left your sweet face in the midst of intense trial. Distracted by worry, you have pulled away from Me again and neglected to nurture your soul. My Precious Child, would you take some time to get fresh air and smell the delightful aroma of roses today? Their sweet fragrance thrills your heart. Allow Me to restore your soul as we enjoy them together in the early morning light.

Like you, roses bring a sparkle to my eyes. I water and prune them with diligence so they flourish in the sunlight. When you receive my love, you will blossom in grace and majesty too.

My Darling Child, you are like a rose that carries the fragrance of my love. When I nourish you, the seed of destiny can grow and manifest beauty in your life. However, you must stop running from Me. My love is the source that nurtures your soul, and without it, you cannot grow in my majesty. Rest in my heart, My Beloved, and let me restore you with Heaven’s breath as I encircle you with my loving presence.

My Sweet Child, I am your adoring Father. I love you with a sacrificial and tender devotion that allows you to grow and mature in the freedom and safety of my heart. Though you have feared being known, open your heart to Me, and you will discover matchless beauty and unending joy—a place of liberty to walk on sandy shores and flowered pathways with Me.

So come, My Precious Child. Let’s inhale the sweetness of roses and delight in the beauty of my garden. Just for a little while. Let Me nourish your soul and revive you to newness of life. Will you inhale the fragrant aroma of roses with Me?

With All My Heart,

Your Loving Heavenly Father

Father’s Heartbeat Verses: Psalm 63:3; 1 Corinthians 8:3; 1 John 3:1

Excerpt from the book, "Transformed By Love: Finding Freedom In The Father's Heart"

Get a copy here:

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