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Surrender Your Heart

My Beloved Child,

There is nothing I love more than to bless you with sweet gifts and make all your dreams come true. Unfortunately, you have a divided heart. My Sweet Child, I must be the center of your life. Yet, you wrestle with choosing your way instead of mine. In those moments, you push Me aside, and my heart aches. My Darling Child, I want all of you. When you choose Me and stay connected, I will keep you safe, renew your soul, and lead you to wholeness and healing.

My Beloved Child, will you pursue Me with an undivided heart? Will you separate from everything that destroys your mind, heart, and spirit? They are the “little things” you consider unimportant, but they are thoughts and choices that cause me pain. I implore you to reject them and devote your heart to Me.

Perhaps you believe you are too weak? On your own, you are. You are not equipped to cope with the storms of life without Me. Without my power, your efforts will only lead to failure and self-harm. When you operate through my love, you become dead to sin and alive in Me, and my mountain-moving power transforms you. My Precious One, you are no longer captive to your old nature. Embrace Me with all your heart, and I will restore you to newness of life.

My Sweet Child, my heart is yours. Will you love Me in return? Surrender your heart to Me, and I will take you deep in my love where many treasures of promise await you.

With All My Heart,

Your Loving Heavenly Father

Father’s Heartbeat Verses: Psalm 37:5; Romans 6:1-4; Revelation 3:15- 17 Response to the Father’s Love: Dear One, have you wrestled to surrender specific areas to the Father? Do you desire to step into newness of life? Respond to the Father’s heart for you. Share your questions, hopes, and dreams with Him. He is listening.

(Excerpt from the book, "Transformed By Love: Finding Freedom in the Father's Heart").

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