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Transformed By Love

Finding Freedom in the Father's Heart

Life is a mixture of bitter and sweet experiences. The struggles we face can overwhelm us with pain and disappointment too heavy to carry. In the midst of despair, we can lose our way and become paralyzed by fear, trauma, and heartache. Are you tired of living this way? Would you like to experience hope and come alive again? Then this book is for you. This devotional contains forty letters—words that represent God's still, small voice speaking to Kelly's heart as she faced difficult life crises. These tender writings and accompanying Biblical passages will take you on a journey of love, freedom, healing, hope, and joy.

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Here Is What Readers Are Saying!

"Love – the greatest gift – is revealed in the pages of this daily devotional. The promises of The Father are explored in such a way that His love becomes tangible. Some of the days were very emotional for me as I started to truly explore the depth and vast width of His love for me. As the days passed and I became more comfortable with His undeniable love for me, I began to better understand that The Father wants to walk with me as much as I want to walk with Him. His Promises became more and more alive for me. I can see myself reading this devotional over and over again and growing more in the fact that God IS love.” - Angela F.

"This book is sooo amazing. You feel our Father speaking to you as you read. When you are going through something, you feel His love through this book!"  -Grace G.

"Wow, what a book full of emotion! I loved seeing the heart of the Author showing what she has been though and how God was there in the midst of everything and His power carried her through. Each page had great closing thoughts and a reference point for Scripture. New believers, non believers and life long church-goers can gain a lot from the pages of this book. I highly recommend!" - Dustin A.

"This spiritually inspiring book reflects and encourages the desired intimate relationship between our Heavenly Father and His children! It reveals the heart of almighty God for the reader through loving words and supportive scriptures. The reader will find God’s comfort, hope, strength, and love through the Divine messages of this book!" - Dea W.



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